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Posted -
2008/10/6 上午 09:08:46

I have recently read the following articles from a Mainland website and got some doubts about it.

The writer thinks that the Scholasticism is out of touch with the world of today and alient to Chinese culture, and further forming conclusion that Chinese church should form another set of philosophy of its own. He also got some bad comments on the Council of Trent.

Would you please give me some advice? It seems pretty confusing to my faith. Thanks.
In Christ

教會改革 勢在必行


Posted -
2008/10/6 下午 02:36:48

Thanks for referring these articles to me.

I think the idea behind these articles is mainly driven by a sense of insecurity arising from the "coloration" occasioned by the developements of Christianity during the centuries subsequent to the Church's spread beyond Palestine. The mentioned author perceives these colorations as discolorations to the Chinese eyes instead.

For further thoughts, perhaps you could consider referring to our Holy Father's Regensburg speech. In it he mentioned about the development of Christianity in Greco-Roman world as well as during medieval times as providential developments, not as "discolorations".


Posted -
2008/10/6 下午 04:24:23

Dear Edward,
Really appreciated for your quick reply. Again, the old latin saying is so right "Omni Malo ad Clero".
God Bless,


Posted -
2008/10/6 下午 05:41:34

Should it be "Omne malum ab clero" instead?

It's a terrible thought though ...

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