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Posted -
2009/5/13 下午 08:08:39

樞機的牧徽是每邊十五條穗, 紅色的. 總主教的是十條穗, 綠色的. 主教的是六條穗, 但顏色呢??
記得有看過綠色和紫色, 其實兩者有什麼分別?


Posted -
2009/5/20 上午 08:49:05

It has to be "GREEN", unfortunately chinese churches started to adopt "violet" for the pontifical hat. Given the reason that it's chinese tradition not for male sex to wear green hat! It's hideous ofcourse. it's a superstitious chinese custom.

Furthermore, it breaks the rule and law of ecclesiastical heraldry. Violet is the colour for Msgr not a bishop.

Glad that the new bishop of HK Msgr Tong, has revived the proper use of Green colour for his coat of arms.

God bless

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