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Cecilia Aw

Posted -
2001/1/17 下午 05:34:13

Let me share a true story - 3 years ago, I joined a trip (not piigrimage) to Italy, Spain and Portugal. It was Easter time, and fellow female teammates scrambled to reach the name brand shops at Milan before the Easter holidays.
At Milan, the team leader from the travel agency suddenly left the team, and asked a middle-aged gentleman that set out alone with a friend to "be the team leader for the last 2 days of the trip". He shuffled the remaining "tips" for those 2 days into the hands of this gentleman, named "S".
"S" neither protested nor appeared to be annoyed. Instead, he did a splendid job that was in fact much better than the travel agency's team leader. Before we reached the airport, "S" told us that the "tips" he received will be donated to his Parish (in Shatin) for charity, and that he actually is member of the Legion there.All team members applauded at his suggestion. Some gave extra donations. "S" left with the money and when we returned to Hong Kong, each received a nice thank you card for our "donation", inscribed with the correspondence details of the Parish.
"S" is indeed one of the very few Catholics that really followed the footsteps of Christ into real life. I remained highly impressed by his unselfishness, humbleness and fervour for seizing each opportunity to work for the glorification of God. My deepest regards to you, "S"!

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