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Posted -
2003/1/29 下午 05:58:58

上期'公教報'有位加拿大的弟兄在讀者欄提出了一個可圈可點的,一針見血的題目 - 為何參加善會的同時,教友得不到適當的信仰培育而要'另行'找靈修課程。
First, the two things are NOT mutually exclusive - i.e. you can join a litrugy or other service group in the parish AND at the same time enrol in courses run for faithfuls;
Second, why the two things remain separated and segregated as they do now - in most parish service groups (except some 'outstanding' parishes), liturgy service groups are almost totally 'task-oriented' in their operations. I have experience that lay faithfuls are 'too busy' to bother about their own spiritual development. They do the liturgy service like a JOB, and even a humdrum job. There was no pastor around to guide them along their path adequately.
This phenomenon has PUSHED the Diocese to opt for the First option - to let parishes run their own shows, and then supplement the DEFICITS by other courses run by the Diocese or other religious organisations. This is accounted for by the (1)lack of religious people serving in parishes, and (2) lack of 'qualified' (in terms of quality) lay faithfuls to run lay ministry.
All too often, these parish groups are (1) large and/or (2) unweidy. Inter- and intra-group politics abound, just like office politics. Boss/superior culture take root in those levels to the extent that newly baptised faithfuls virtually fled after a trial run of 6 months or a year.
May be the Diocese need to have some sort of Q&A for faithfuls, replied incognito to check how the 'practising' faithfuls feel about their own groups. It would be worst if these unwiedy groups have to be 'trimmed down' by parishes - a phenomenon not unknown in some large parishes, and some thing VERY controversial.
It (1) destroys solidarity of a parish; (2) makes faithfuls feel bad about the church; (3) degrades lay faithfuls into people 'receiving correctional service' instead.


Posted -
2003/1/30 上午 10:38:45

Ha Ha office politics? Really so bad?

"degrades lay faithfuls into people 'receiving correctional service' instead."---I can't understand.

By the way, is your name "Cecil" that of a gentleman OR a lady??


Posted -
2003/1/30 上午 10:56:14

yes, parish politic may be wroser than office politic, which is as bad as whatever you can think of.
haha, cecil is a sister la.


Posted -
2003/1/30 上午 11:56:26


Posted -
2003/1/30 下午 12:35:15

I must take care not to generalise - I speak from personal experience, and should be confined to that isolated experience. The treatment of group members - are they faithfuls seeking spiritual guidance, or are they in the church to undergo 'correction'?
I think this is a vital point in groups now generally run by lay 'ministers'.
Even though a lay minister may think that what's being done is 'RIGHTEOUS', care should at least be taken not to hurt the feelings of the other parties.


Posted -
2003/10/27 上午 09:31:21

Task-oriented church service can be devastating. IN the long run, faithfuls got lost of their orientation and objective.
Some grab power, some become obssessed with what is 'right', some become jealous of others...
worst still, some got ulterior motives (business, political, monetary).
Running a parish is no easy task.


Posted -
2003/10/27 下午 04:33:39

在我的堂區,有一個非常明顯的現象,就是"得個做字"而沒有靈性培育 - 靈修培育成為一個獨立而深奧的課題,完全跟善會工作脫節.
結果是 - 越來越少人開會.


Posted -
2003/10/28 下午 08:16:10





Posted -
2003/10/29 上午 08:43:25

1. 氣氛不好;boss對下屬的單向autocracy,沒有公平公開的向前式討論;
2. 人事紛爭由前述的情況引發,因為人人是義務,沒理由向不對的或不應做的事低首下心;
3. 會議沒有靈魂,只有工作,卻沒有方向感.
當然,我也介紹過一位很有資格的人士給我堂區的聖言宣讀員們開會時帶領聖經分享.結果是,雖然組長說very good,牧民議會高層成員四出向人說:"好悶".

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