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Posted -
2001/12/13 下午 02:52:49

any comment?


Posted -
2001/12/22 上午 11:31:13

No one seen this film?
Better have a go!
Many thoguht Amalie stupid - that is how the eyes of the blind-folded see things.
How would you feel if you have a child like Amalie? Would you feel blessed?



Posted -
2002/8/16 上午 01:15:06

Thanks Cecil.

Eight months pass by and I finally have the chance to watch this movie. Delightful!

We all are desperately in need of someone sensitive enough... sensitive enough to take actions, to make changes...someone who cares... and arent we Christians in this world supposed to do just this???


Posted -
2002/8/16 上午 10:34:41

The world desperately needs people to see things in the eyes of love.
Love takes many forms; higher forms transcend lower forms, we all need to learn 'to love'. True love is very hurtful, but isn't it what Christ told us - 'each carry your own cross and follow me'?
Too much pain...have to pray to God to give me more strength...

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