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2004/10/12 上午 12:02:42

Check this out : http://www.andante.com/article/article.cfm?id=24494

While great cathedrals survive majestically from the 15th century into the 21st, most of the music heard within them has slept in libraries, and would continue to do so unless kissed back to life by an unlikely mechanical prince: a MIDI synthesizer....

These Web pages list 15th-century composers almost never sung or even mentioned, such as Gaspar van Weerbeke and Johannes Martini....

Beautiful as the music is, these Renaissance-era settings of the Roman Catholic Mass might never have been available to the public were it not for Rob C. Wegman, the associate professor of music at Princeton University who created the site....

This unlikely marriage of music and technology is serendipitous. Written for unaccompanied voices, the music can become meaningless when transcribed for anything other than its chosen medium. Wegman's realizations are both efficient and noninterventionist: The words of the Latin Mass are difficult to manage in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) world, so the voices sing in a neutral "o" vowel sound. "It's a miracle," he admits, "that it works as well as it does."


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2004/10/12 上午 12:40:35

While the music is beautiful, the words are more important.


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