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Posted -
2005/1/4 下午 12:17:23

Flipping thru today’s post, I came across this headline :

“…. Under pressure from the rise of militant Islam, Vatican activism in the European Union and the re-election of a ‘born-again’ Christian to the White House, they (humanist and atheist groups) feel they must ENSURE the ideas of SECULARISM survive and spread….”

Cant believe there are people who put such a big effort to COMBAT our faith !!!!

“In the face of the religious ONSLAUGHT on humanist values, we have to speak out and get out message over.”

“we must work hard to COMBAT the encroachment of religion on public policy and on the rights of mom-believers everywhere”


Posted -
2005/1/4 下午 12:18:58

I thought it should be the other way round??? Since when has secularism not been eroding away religious values???

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