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Posted -
2007/10/12 上午 03:13:52

在英國彌撒我們用 Jerusalem Bible , 除了詩篇, 詩篇用 The Grail 的翻譯版本. 你們在香港用甚麼版本呢? 是不是和合本?

Another question - is there an official "Sunday Missal" published containing both the Order of Mass, AND all the readings for every Sunday, using the official translations? We have one that is approved for use in the dioceses of England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland, which uses the Jerusalem Bible and The Grail. Is there an equivalent in Hong Kong? I can't seem to find one on the bookshop of www.catholiccentre.org.hk

Thanks very much.

(apologies as before about my standard of Chinese)


Posted -
2007/10/27 上午 08:21:24


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